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Date : 16-Nov-2001
Category : FanFic
Genre : Drama 
Authors: Liliane & Poppy

Title: Day & Night

Nic (thoughtful for a moment before he finally decides to speak his mind): Is it that hard for one man to stay faithful to one woman?

Joyce: You're talking about Mr. Koo...

Nic: Jessica's such a perfect wife in every aspect. She loves him, she cares about him, she's the mother to his child, she is nice to everyone...I don't understand how he could have the heart to do that…

Joyce: Do you think Mr. Koo loves Jessica?

Nic (thinks for a while before he answers her): I think he does, it shows. But I feel bad at how unfair he's been towards her. I feel irritated at the fact that he's been cheating on her behind her back without her having the slightest clue about it. 

Joyce (thinks for a while): Who do you think is the one that's happiest among the three of them?

Nic: ... 

Joyce: It's Jessica. Sometimes, it is better to be the ignorant party. I believe he keeps her in the dark because he simply doesn't bring himself to hurt her. The one who's got the burden on is him and Anne is not in anyway happier.

Nic: That's because they had chosen to put that burden on themselves. If Mr. Koo had chosen to marry Jessica, he should stay faithful to her. He's hurting all three of them at the same time with what he is doing with that woman behind Jessica's back. And what about the kid? Has he ever thought about what might happen if she ever finds out? 

Joyce: Are you blaming Anne for what is happening?.…Have you ever thought that sometimes, maybe things aren't as simple as we'd want them to be? 

Nic: I only believe the things that I am seeing with my own eyes. In this case, both of them are to be blamed. (and then intently observing Joyce through the rearview mirror, he suddenly realizes that Joyce has had a thing for Louis Koo) You are blindly defending Mr. Koo. 

Joyce (looking straight at the rearview mirror, her eyes assertive and full of confidence about what she is about to say): I'm not. Why do all men only see things in black and white? Maybe if you've seen what I've seen between Mr. Koo and Anne, you would not have said
what you just said. There's an unspeakable bond between them...I don't know how Mr. Koo had gotten himself into this complicated tangle of relationships but one thing that I know for sure is that he does really love both Anne and Jessica… (she pauses for a moment before she finally completes her sentence)…and that, possibly much more than he had ever loved himself. 

With that, Nic just kept silent because he simply didn't know how to answer to Joyce's words.... But one thing he knew for sure was that there was one question that Joyce and possibly even Mr. Koo didn't have the answer to: Between Anne and Jessica, who does Louis actually love more?