Premiered On : 1st October 2001
Created and Maintained by :  Funn Lim

A Site Within E-Buzz : Serial Database


This is a new look for the same old site.  I thought this might look a bit more organized. Ignore this wallpaper you're seeing, though it is symbolic, like the logo you see in individual stories. Perhaps I should explain a bit on the symbolism part.

The pile of books simply mean the many stories you wrote. The patches of grey coloured drop ink effect actually represents the many hard work you put into your stores,  whatever medium you used to produce your stories, the most basic of all, would be ink and a pen, or even a pencil. The orange coloured ray of light actually represents the "eureka!" moment or an idea you have and one which you would put into your story. I thought about putting a pen in here but have yet to find a perfect pen icon, so if anybody who is good at drawing stuff might consider helping me by creating the most perfect looking pen. Well, enough with symbolisms. This wallpaper looks dirty to me, as in not clean. This site may look like I borrowed the concept from many other sites, but the content are all 100% original and 100% by amateurs, unless one of you publish a book. If you receive any positive feedback, the glory is all yours. My duty here is simply to provide for a place for all would be writers ( those who wishes to pursue writing as a lifelong career or simply as a hobby) a place to gather and share many of our ideas, though this main objective is far from realised.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this site.

Everybody wants to read a good story, and many more wants to write a story that will inspire, or at the very least, entertain. Many of us aspire to be writers, some dare even to aspire to be a great writer, dreaming of writing a book that will be hailed as a Literary Classic, but of course, without much concrete support from big time publishers or even a consistent talent to write such beautiful stories for the mainstream publication, we can't do much to realise such dreams. This is why this site is established. It is inspired by the many stories that a friend of mine, named Mary C who wrote and sent her stories to me. They're novella type of stories, neither too long to be a novel or too short to qualify as a short story. The reason she sent her stories to me is to ask for my sincere and honest opinion. The only way she can improve is through feedbacks. That is why I am publishing her stories as well as any other interested individuals' stories for all to read. The main purpose of THE STORYTELLERS is to gather feedback so that we can improve and the objective of THE STORYTELLERS is to provide for a training ground.

Nobody is a born genius. I am sure even Shakespeare needed some thorough training before he could write the way he did. But we all have many wild ideas and plots in our heads. Many may feel that by publishing our works online for the world to read, we are exposing ourselves to ridicules and undesirable remarks. But we beg to differ. We have thick faces, we can withstand any comments. However, we hope you will not make remarks on our standard of English or whatever languages that are used in a story. We know we can't write perfectly. What we want to know is how is the presentation of our stories, did you enjoy reading it, what more other than the language skills can be improved to make the story better? What is missing in the story? What should not have been in the story?

And so I hope there will be much participation in this site. You don't need to submit your stories if you don't want to. But I beg you to read through the stories, no matter how long or how short and thereafter E-Mail the author for any words of encouragement or suggestions for improvement. You may also write your comments in the guestbook.

Only with your feedback, can we the amateur writers improve in our writing skills, the way we present the story and the devising of the plot in our stories. And perhaps one day we might be able to achieve our dreams of becoming a professional writer, hailed as gifted and talented in being a storyteller.



Funn Lim & Fellow Alumni of The Storytellers