At this moment we have only a few writers in this site. We hope this database of frequent contributors will increase, WITH YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION.

The Romantic Idealist
Mary C : Fellow Malaysian who specialises in one genre of story and one genre only; love stories. A romantic idealist at heart, all her stories are about love, choices, sacrifices and passion, all told in very bold and dramatic style. She does not have access to the Internet. If you have any comments for her, E-Mail Funn and she'll forward your comments to Mary C.

The Fan Of Fiction
Funn Lim : The webmistress of this site. She does not believe in fan fiction but she writes about events, people and hopes to be a writer in the same rank as Jeffrey Archer, perhaps in her next lifetime. At this moment, she is simply hopeless as a writer but is thick faced enough to post her stories. Any comments, click the E-Mail link.

Ylicoyote : "A Girl's Life" is her first foray into amateur writing. Rather dramatic debut. She is eager for all types of comments and feedback on her story, good or bad she will take such feedback seriously and respectfully. If you read her story and have any comments, feel free to E-Mail her, to encourage her and to give her some pointers, if any.

SF Shang : Specialises in offbeat stories of the weird kind, she writes only fiction in short story format. She does not have access to the Internet, and as such all feedback please send to Funn Lim who will forward your comments to her.

The Fan Fiction Experts 
Ka Yi :† The first to have such thick face to post a story in this site for your evaluation and honest feedback. She has quite an interesting narration style, bold and very descriptive, emotionally.

sweet_azngal: She is from Canada, speaks several languages and "loves to let my imagination run & love to read". Writes Fan Fiction and ranks Jimmy, Aaron, Julian, Louis as her favourites. Do read her first story in this site, No Turning Back for suspense and drama.

Tulip17 : She is a fellow Malaysian who loves Chinese dramas, and by looking at the title of her first story submitted to this site, you'll guess the title of her favourite drama. Interestingly, she is Malay which shows good stories, in whatever language can cross the barriers of race.

Michelle : the author of Boys Meets Girl who "read KaYi's story and I thought it was really good! So I decided to put in my 2-cents worth or in this case my story".

Fannie : Aka Cherry Blossom, a frequent contributor even in E-Buzz reviews site, now you can read all her fan fiction on Vicki and Alec in this very site.

Madame Marie: "I am Chinese - American and currently attending at college. I enjoy watching Chinese series and writing fanfic during my free time. To Love or Not to
is my very first story, I hope that I don't disappoint anyone. I hope one day that I will be able to meet my favorite author: the Queen of Suspense, Mary Higgins Clark and write a book together. If you are wondering about my pen name, I got the idea from Marie Curie, she was a scientist that discover radioactivity in the early 1900's. I think this will make people think who's behind the name. I love criticism, please email me with your suggestions and comments."

TVKat: :"Basically a *very* amateur writer who dreams of completing her own story.
But she's making every effort to write it this time - lives in sunny Brisbane Australia & will *always* have ChiLam as the lead actor in her stories. Feel free to comment - constructive criticisms always welcome!"

KristalSnowX : "My name's Kristina aka KristalSnowX, I just turned 13, I'm in the 7th grade, and from Seattle. I wouldn't exactly say I enjoy writing, but I can say that I love reading. Romance Of A Lifetime is my first fanfic which makes me an amateur writer and poster maker so be easy on me and hope you enjoy my fanfic!"

Bluelite : "I loved writing since I was ten. Quite a late age. I loved writing as I could express myself with those fabulous vocabulary. Another pastime of mine is making posters. Finishing a poster, it looks dashing makes me feel satisfaction." 

C Monster : "Gatekeepers" is my first foray into fanfic writing, but I've always enjoyed spinning stories in my head.  It helped me fall asleep during some of the more insomniac nights.   I was inspired by another writer, Venice who was writing an interesting modern fanfic called, "Autumn Whisper". I can't say that I'm an ardent fan of Maggie Siu, but I do admire her acting a lot.  To a degree, the characters I've created are modeled after the actors themselves.  For some odd reason, having a mental picture of them acting in my head stirs my creativity and eases my way into writing most of the action and the dialogue in the story."

Crystal : "Hi! I'm Sagitaurus Angel also known as c_angel or crystal! =) I entered the world of winglin and fanfic thanks to Michelle! Basically I write mostly comedies and my characters always have vicki!". She is the author of 7 Days To Ruin My Wedding.

Smoothie : "Well I use to hate writing, until I stumbled upon Winglin. Even though this author isn't around winglin anymore, but Sinne inspired me a great deal. She's the best writer I have yet to come across. Her short story A  Sea's Gift brought tears to my eyes. And I will continue writing, hoping one day my writing comes close to as good as her's." She is the author of Isn't It Ironic.

Xiao Qing : "Hello... I'm Xiao Qing. I'm a 14-year-old from Malaysia. Well.... I heard Funn Lim is very particular about stories and decided, 'Hey! Why not. A little criticism won't hurt right?'. Inspiration? Well, I don't know where it came from but one of the first fan fiction sites I've been to is Winglin. The first fanfiction? Gem's and Tanya's stories were one of my first fan fiction I've laid my eyes on. From then, my epic of being an amateur author has just begun."

Lil Angel : "I'm a girl from Singapore. I was inspired to write as I always loved to read novels and write essays. Reading the fanfics from Winglin really tempted me to start an account to write"

Liliane : "I am 20 years old and I live in Montreal, Canada. My friend once said to me, ďwhen youíre going to finish writing a story, you would want to start another one because if you donít, youíll feel like youíve just lost a goal to pursue.Ē And I share her view. Iím not going as far as saying that writing is my only goal in life but in my free time, I enjoy both reading and writing immensely. I enjoy writing because it brings me a certain satisfaction, the satisfaction of knowing that Iíve been able to create something of my own no matter how good or bad it can be. And whenever I re-read a part of my story, Iíd feel like Iíve just re-read a part of myself at one point in my life. And this is a priceless feeling. I also love reading other authorsí stories and sometimes get so into them, and in some cases, even so addicted to them that itís incredible. Thereís so much talent out thereÖand reading other peopleís stories always help me improve on my writing and broaden my horizons, so all in all, Iím feeling extremely happy to have found this site and also feeling extremely privileged to be able to share my views on certain issues through my writing with all of you."

Angeline : "I'm inspired by life to write and also by movies and books. Once you see a movie or book you really like you get that wonderful horrible feeling of mixed emotions and that's what inspires me. Once that feeling enters you never want it to go away, it's addictive, and so that's why I write fanfics, so that I can keep on dreaming. It's what makes my life have a bit of zest. and also writing fanfics bring out a part of me that I'd never be able to reveal anywhere else. Oh.......and iI'm chinese, 14yrs, and I live in the US. oh and I LOVE poetry. anyone who wants to give me any poems to read just send them to me."

Adedei : "I came from Indonesia and actually I don't really like to write story. I mean I have many ideas of a story should be like but still I have no interest at all. then I read one interesting story which written by Maya (I forgot the title) then from there I decided to try to write one. So this is one from many stories which I wrote and I hope readers will like it."