To all authors, you may pick and choose which reviewer you would like to review your story by personally inviting them. Remember to provide the reviewer with the URL to your story. You may choose to write to more than one reviewer and all reviews will be posted, irregardless of length or the number of reviews for the same story. Please be noted your invitation may be rejected, as it is up to the reviewers to agree to such a request. Note that we are NOT experts, just passionate readers who has a thing or two to say.

Please be reminded, once you send out an invitation for a review of your story, please be prepared for all types of comments, be it favourable or non-favourable to your story. 

At this moment, we have only two reviewers available. 

Funn Lim : The other half of E-Buzz who has been writing reviews for movies, music and TV series in that site and the webmistress of this site, you can expect a thorough examination of your story. However, it depends on whether she has anything to say about your story. Her method is always to look for flaws first, and then to look for the good points and then to give some honest opinion and a sincere recommendation. Her standard when reviewing a story is the same as the standard of a person who loves to read, however she will take into account the fact the story is written by an amateur. She places emphasis on how the story is written, the way the author expressed herself, the structure and the arrangement of the chapters.  She doesn't care much for the standard of English or the storyline, unless it has a tremendous influence in the author's presentation as a whole.

[Send invitation to Funn Lim]

Crystal : A greenhorn at reviewing fanfics, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in enthusiasm. She believes in a frank review whether it's favourable or unfavourable, as empty compliments don't make the story nicer to read. She looks at the storyline and the author's ability to make the story riveting and keep the readers in the story and turning the pages (or in this case clicking). To her, character development and presentation is crucial. However, she doesn't really care for flowery words and a high standard in English, what she cares at the end of the day is a read that is ultimately entertaining... afterall we are still all greenhorns in writing, and what we lack in experience we make up for in enthusiasm!

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