A Girl's Life : Tale Of Deceit & Betrayal [ylicoyote] [Drama] [28 Chapters+ Pro+Epi] [Added : 22-0ct-01]
[A girl discovers the truth of her origins and began a journey towards self discovery, love and betrayals by those she loved and trusted.]

From Venus To Mars [Ka Yi] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 29-0ct-01]
[A striving author moves to Hong Kong to study its environment to get her inspiration for her yet to be written book, but her true fascination lies in her flatmate.]

Meeting Of The Minds [SF Shang] [Short Story] [6 pages] [Added : 30-0ct-01]
[A young woman was about to throw herself off a bridge when an old woman pleaded for some time to reason with her.]



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