Fan Fiction

7 Days To Ruin My Wedding  [Crystal] [Romance-Comedy] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 26-0ct-01]
[A guy has 7 days to convince the girl of his dreams that he is the one for her whilst the girl has exactly 7 days to ruin the wedding she does not want.]

A Fan's Dream [Xiao Qing] [Romance-Short Story] [1 Page] [Added : 22-0ct-01]

After Winter Comes Spring [Angeline] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 16-Dec-01]  
[A girl is in love with a guy, a guy is in love with the girl, will they ever be together?]

Behind Bars [Ylicoyote] [Romance-Scifi] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 17-Nov-01]

Blinded To The Truth  [sweet_azngal] [Drama-Suspense] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 23-Dec-01]
[A man loves a woman who only has eyes for his brother.] 

Boy Meets Girl [Michelle] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 10-0ct-01]

Cupid's Luv Arrow  [Lil Angel] [Romance-Comedy] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 3-Nov-01]
[Greek mythology meets modern day world where Cupid tries all he could to match make a couple who is destined for each other, however Cupid's arrow does not seem to have any effect on the man.]

Day & Night  [Liliane & Poppy] [Drama] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 16-Nov-01]
[Burdened with a dark and secretive past, a man finds himself torn in between his growing love for his wife and the unbreakable bond he has for a childhood lover.]

Diary Of A Fairy  [Crystal] [Fantasy-Comedy] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 21-Nov-01]
[a make believe diary of make believe fairy world]

For Better Or For Worse  [Tulip17] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 11-0ct-01]

Gatekeepers  [C Monster] [Wuxia-Adventure-Fantasy] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 1-Dec-01]
[A Princess Gayling is on a mission to recover a series of lodestones to reopen the gate to the fourth dimension, time.]

It Was You  [Fannie] [Romance] [21 Chapters] [Added : 14-0ct-01]
[Childhood friends grew up where the girl fell for her best friend whilst the guy was busy wooing another]

Isn't It Ironic  [Smoothie] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 27-0ct-01]
[A very average girl in every way, finds herself in the middle of three completely different guys.]

No Turning Back  [sweet_azngal] [Drama-Suspense] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 10-0ct-01]
[Guy plans revenge against a woman who was an important factor in his past but she doesn't seem to remember him.]

Romance Of A Lifetime  [KristalSnowX] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 15-0ct-01]
[A pair of lovers are torn apart by their parents' past and the girl realised she might have special feelings for ex-lover's best friend.]

Serendipity  [Ka Yi] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 9-0ct-01]
[ Guy experiences love at first sight, but will he be able to meet the girl of his dreams again, amidst missed chances?]

The Madonna Lily  [Bluelite] [Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 16-0ct-01]

To Love Or To Love  [Madame Marie] [Drama-Romance] [Length : 31 Chapters] [Added : 10-0ct-01]

Waiting For You Forever  [Fannie] [Romance] [12 Chapters] [Added : 14-0ct-01]
[Rich guy falls for a painter but is objected by his parents and is forced into considering  marriage with another rich girl]

Without Words  [tvkat] [Friendship-Romance] [Length : Unknown] [Added : 13-0ct-01]



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